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There is no need to worry about a script being old or outdated, or patched here.  We test all scripts prior to uploading them for functionality.

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Our site is built with a clean design, with your experience in mind.  It has been tested by ordinary people to prove it is user friendly.

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We not only upload many new scripts everyday, we also update the site frequently to match our users feedback to ensure your satisfaction.

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Encountered an error?

This may either mean your exploit does not support the script, or the script is patched.  Try using a newer script and checking the date it was uploaded.

To use these scripts, you will need a Script Executor.  We recommend using one of the executors at  They are all verified by the developers of scripty.

We do not have scripts for all games unfortunately.  Want to see scripts for a certain game?  Let us know on the Discord server and we will try to fulfill your request.

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